Ryan Aerospace delivered three virtual-reality helicopter simulators to the Royal Australian Navy at HMAS Albatross, in Nowra, NSW Australia. The three simulators will be used by the Fleet Air Arm’s Naval Aviation Prospects Scheme as an engagement tool to attract aspiring aircrew to join the Royal Australian Navy.

Managing Director of Ryan Aerospace, Chris Ryan said he was “delighted to partner with the Navy to develop a bespoke system in conjunction with the highly popular HELIMOD Mark III product launched earlier this year,” all of which offer virtual-reality technology.

In addition to the HELIMOD Mark III helicopter simulator units, Ryan Aerospace developed an accompanying unit that includes a PC and monitor with integrated cabling and head-tracking sensors. This allows spectators to see on a display screen what the pilot is seeing in the virtual-reality goggles. The display unit has wheels attached and doubles as a shipping crate by being laid down flat, with the HELIMOD device sitting right on top, so it can easily be moved to a transportation van.

Ryan Aerospace will the devices on display at I/ITSEC 2018.