Quantum3D Government Systems, a provider of training and simulation services for commercial and government applications, was selected by CAE to provide upgrades to the U.S. Air Force KC-135 Boom Operator Weapons System Trainer (BOWST) aerial refueling simulators at nine installations. Quantum3D Government Systems will upgrade the simulators from Q3DGS’s IDX 6000 to Q3DGS’s state of the art IDX 8000 image generator.

The current BOWST aerial refueling simulator uses the Quantum3D Independence IDX 6000 image generator with five channels, GeoScapeSE® WWDB (Worldwide Database) and advanced weather and ocean plug-ins. The simulator leverages advanced shadows, spotlights, aircraft lighting and refueling receptacles to provide realistic cues and to support the high demands for depth perception required by boom operators.

CAE USA is the prime contractor on the KC-135 Aircrew Training System (ATS) program and provides the U.S. Air Force with classroom and simulator instruction as well as upgrades, maintenance and support of all KC-135 aircrew training devices.

The BOWST simulator upgrade will improve the cybersecurity posture of the BOWST IG. It will also upgrade and improve the operating system from the current Windows Server 2008 and Windows XP Embedded operating systems. Q3DGS will also support CAE in the hardening of the utilized operating system with the applicable STIGs that do not affect IG operation.

Quantum3D Government Systems President, Mark Matthews stated, “We look forward to supporting CAE and the U.S. Air Force with the enhanced upgrades of our IDX 8000 image generator system that will provide the users with an improved realistic training environment and long-term sustainability.”

For more information about the BOWST program, please contact Quantum3D Government Systems at +1.888.796.8800.