QuantaDyn Corporation announced it will deliver a QFires Advanced JTAC Training System (AJTS) to be installed at the Slovenian Armed Forces Air Ground Operations School (AGOS) at Cerklje ob Krki Airbase. The AJTS provides a high fidelity, fully-immersive environment critical for training JTACs and JFOs. The training system supports Terminal Control, Terminal Guidance, Close Air Support, Call for Fire and Joint Fires operations.

Incorporating a 4-meter diameter dome with 220-by-60 degree FOV, the visual display system features Barco FS35 projectors with dedicated infrared LED for stimulated illumination of NVGs, such as PVS-14s. Immersive Display Systems Incorporated (IDSI) provided the dome. When coupled with QuantaDyn’s software, the visual display system provides simultaneous realistic unaided night views and accurate NVG-aided views.

Customized for AGOS, the AJTS is furnished with a full suite of virtual, simulated and form-fit-function devices emulating current JTAC equipment. MetaVR’s Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) provides geo-specific simulations with high-fidelity graphics. BSI’s Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) provides the physics-based battle environment with both ground and airborne entities.

In addition to the AJTS installation, QuantaDyn will also provide on-call technical support and remote service through its International AJTS (IAJTS) help desk.

QuantaDyn’s President, Bill Dunn said, “We look forward to providing the Slovenian Armed Forces team with a proven, reliable training system.”