MASA Group and Deev Interaction have been awarded a patent by the National Institute of Industrial Property for their invention, which is a process for selecting a user's mode of interaction with images and videos. This new process, called the ink stain, allows users to easily switch from a direct interaction mode to an indirect interaction with content, such as a map. It reduces the risk of error and makes it easier for users to interact with images.

The interaction with images and videos is generally achieved with two modes: a direct interaction mode, which allows the user to interact with the content—wiithout modifying it—to change the scale of an image or select units for example, and an indirect interaction mode in which a user performs a command, such as drawing on a map.

The ink stain process removes the use of buttons or specific gestures users must learn to switch interaction modes, and therefore reduces the risk of mode errors, which can have serious consequences for critical applications.

This innovation has been developed through a research project founded by the French Government Defense procurement and technology department (DGA), which aimed to develop a C2 demonstrator using a tactile tablet that interacts with SWORD, MASA’s flagship simulation software. MASA Group aims to simplify command and control (C2) tactical systems through easy-to-use interfaces using multimodal ergonomics.