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AVT Simulation and the University of Central Florida Division of Continued Education are proudly partnering to offer new courses for simulation professionals (and those joining the work force) beginning this April!

Enrollment is now open for our 2019 AVT 101 Simulation Overview. This course examines the major components of a simulator from a top level. It describes how the components fit together to develop an immersive training solution. The course targets those that are new to simulator design and development or to those that fully understand some simulator components, but not necessarily all components or how they all fit together. It covers general principles of simulation, common visual solutions to simulation, human-machine interfaces, and many aspects of simulation support such as concurrency, maintenance, and security.

Course Objectives:

  • History Highlights
  • Simulator Description
  • Simulator Elements
  • Visual Systems
  • Simulation Support
Be part of our premiere classes as we debut this one-of-a-kind training program. Our industry expert instructors have extensive experience in both lecturing and building simulators and simulator components from the ground up.

Our groundbreaking training curriculum is conducted by seasoned leaders with real-world experience in the simulation and training community.

For more information, please visit http://trainingcenter.avtsim.com/ and review our full course offering!