The NATO Modelling and Simulation Group (NMSG) will hold the "16th Workshop on Commercial Technologies and Games for Use in NATO and Nations" on 26 September 2019 at the École Militaire, Paris, France.

This workshop (MSG-175) will focus on sharing national experiences, exploring commercial and gaming technologies, understanding best practices and overcoming obstacles that prevent this. The workshop addresses experts from government, industry and science who are active in the field of modelling and simulation, and is open to all NATO and Partner Nations and all invited Contact Countries. This Workshop will also contribute to articulate a technology road map for possible future NMSG Task Group activities on commercial technologies and games.

Topics will be:
- Artificial intelligence (e.g. IBM Watson, Google assistant) in simulation applications
- Augmented and mixed reality developments (e.g. Microsoft HoloLens)
- Cyber awareness games and cyber effect simulations
- Game architectures (e.g. VBS Gears, STE, SpatialOS) and game engines (e.g. Unity).

Aspects to be discussed include:
- The background and affordability of simulations and digital games;
- Specific challenges using these tools for education and training (e.g. interoperability standards), as well as strategies for overcoming these challenges in order to achieve successful learning experiences;
- The practical impact of these technologies in preparing soldiers;
- The practical impact of these technologies in educating support trades such as medical, supply, transportation, and police;
- The future of these technologies and their impact on learning and teaching.

Authors are invited to submit abstracts (due by 28 June 2019) for this Workshop based on the topics listed above or on national initiatives or activities. Opportunities to demonstrate systems or applications during the breaks will be available. Details may be arranged with the local hosts. Please contact the Workshop Committee to discuss details.

To participate in the MSG-175 Workshop, visit for registration details. As the Workshop is embedded in the NATO CAX Forum 2019 organized by the NATO Modelling and Simulation Centre of Excellence (NATO M&S COE), participants must also register to the CAX Forum 2019 (, which has a mandatory fee/person for participation. There is no additional cost to attend the MSG-175 Workshop.