MetaVR's business partner, Close Air Solutions, has recently conducted a major upgrade of the UAE Presidential Guard Joint Fires Training Simulators (JFTS), which use MetaVR visuals and 3D content. The upgrade includes the latest versions of MetaVR VRSG and Battlespace Simulations' MACE software; 49 VRSG licenses were renewed and two new licenses were purchased.

The upgrade also includes a custom Harris 7850 multi-channel airborne networking radio and a new classroom with an 8-meter-wide flat-screen display from Immersive Display Solutions (IDSI) using four Barco FS70 projectors.

An extension to this upgrade is ongoing integration of an RG-31 AGRAB fighting vehicle mortar carrier mock-up into the UAE PG JFTS. The mock-up replica vehicle is connected to the JFTS simulators with students in the emulated vehicle systems using the fire control computer to input firing information. For this upgrade MetaVR built a new RG-31 mobile mortar system (MMS) model with a detailed mortar launcher.

AGRAB Fire Teams will be able to conduct dry-fire drills on the replica vehicle while joint forward observer (JFO) and joint terminal attack controller (JTAC) students can direct fires from within their visual environments. All the site systems are networked, enabling full team and collective training missions to be conducted.