The 6th User Group training event is to be hosted by BAE Systems, Park Centre, Farnborough Aerospace Centre, Aerospace Boulevard, Farnborough, Hampshire, UK from 27-31 January 2020. It follows in the wake of the USER GROUP conference/training event held at The German Air Force Officer Academy, Munich, earlier this year.

Matrix Games’ Command PE continues to grow and expand, and a feature of the training will be on the latest upgrade to v1.14.5, released in June this year, and a chance to see Command: Modern Operations, a sequel to CMANO.

Command PE is a scalable simulation engine and flexible user interface, which utilizes a comprehensive database of platforms and weapon systems, dating from the Second World War till current times. Command PE is a tailored solution that further enhances the simulation and analysis needs of military and professional clients around the world. The design also affords opportunities for gamification of learning and investment decision support.

The training will be from beginner to experienced Command PE User and required delegates will be given personal training targeted at their current knowledge level and expertise in utilizing Command PE. They will participate in various sessions and will be presented with demonstrations and tutorial tools outlining features that will be of significant relevance to Command PE users. They will also be introduced to the full range of technical analysis and experimentation tools that are unique to the system.