South Korea's Cheongju University have ordered an A320 Door Trainer for use by Aero K from cabin crew simulator training specialists Spatial.

Cheongju University buy door trainer from Spatial

The Aero K, a South Korean Ultra Low Cost Carrier (ULCC), will commence operations from Cheongju International Airport next year. The simulator will allow the airline’s cabin crew to become proficient in the safe operation of A320 aircraft emergency exits and doors, including procedures for normal, abnormal and emergency scenarios.

Simulated door malfunctions will include blocked door handle, power assist failure and slide auto-inflation failure. Visual systems installed on the main door to ensure a highly realistic training environment comprise water, fire, smoke, stairs and jet bridge among others.

Further training realism is provided via overhead stowage bins, attendant stations, flight attendant panel, two rows of passenger seating and a sound simulation system.