Getinge and the North Denmark Region have signed an agreement on one of the most advanced and largest T-DOC orders in the world.

Getinge signs T-DOC agreement
Image courtesy of Getinge

Getinge will supply seven hospitals in the North Denmark Region with its solution to support the customer’s reprocessing and intra-hospital workflows.

The region is taking the first of many important steps toward a safe and efficient future for their central sterile supply departments (CSSD).

With the signing of an agreement, all seven hospitals, including the New Aalborg University Hospital (NAU) currently under construction, will be streamlining and improving how they manage their sterile supply flow to, from and in the operating rooms with a cross-regional T-DOC installation.

"Getinge T-DOC is our top-of-the-line sterile supply management and traceability solution, and we are proud to be a part of the region’s journey (toward) a digital and automated future, focused on the patient,” said Johan Mälsjö, General Manager Sales Surgical Workflows Nordic at Getinge.


The implementation of T-DOC across the North Denmark Region enables the hospitals to streamline processes in and across departments as well as work more efficiently and even closer together.

Some of the expected values captured from the implementation of T-DOC are increased utilization of instruments, reduced cancellation of surgical procedures and increased patient safety with medical device tracking to and from the patient.

"The project includes interfacing T-DOC with a number of existing business systems in the hospital, including the hospital information and ERP systems as well as Getinge’s patient flow management solution, INSIGHT," said Mälsjö.

"At NAU, T-DOC will also drive automation with integration to robotics and be the backbone of just in time case cart delivery. With this setup, T-DOC links the CSSDs and surgical departments with interfaces for instrument and equipment ordering, tracking of urgently needed instruments, and complete documentation and quality control of all processes in the sterile supply flow."

The project begins in 2020 with the implementation of T-DOC in the CSSDs, followed by the surgical departments across all hospitals. Implementation at NAU will continue until late 2022 with opening of the hospital.