ST Engineering announced that Boeing Defence UK has chosen the simulation and visualization software of its subsidiaries VT MAK and Antycip Simulation as core components of its Defence Operational Training Capability (Air) (DOTC A)) Core System and Services (DCS&S) contract.

Based on the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) requirements, VT MAK and Antycip Simulation will deliver and support commercial off the shelf (COTS) products that get capabilities into the hands of customers as early as possible, while incrementally adding new capabilities.

The DCS&S contract will see the creation of Gladiator, a capability that will support multiple complex training scenarios, simultaneously and independently of each other. The system will allow personnel at different sites to train together in their own high-fidelity simulators, linked by a secure network to a new hub at RAF Waddington.

The system will securely manage training events across locations and classification levels, allowing RAF crews to experience the same battle environment and threats, including joint training with their counterparts in the US.

MAK products provide off-the-shelf functionality, ease-of-use, open architecture, modularity, and support for open standards. Antycip Simulation will customize, enhance, deliver and support MAK COTS products for DCS&S. High fidelity flight and electronic warfare models will be integrated into VR-Forces by VT MAK and Antycip partner, RTDynamics. VR-Forces, VR-Vantage, and VR-Engage will become the DCS&S Common Computer Generated Forces, Common Image Generator, and Common Role Players, and will be the primary tools to support the exercise preparation and execution of DOTC (A) exercises managed by Boeing and the Inzpire White Force.