3D perception has introduced the new nBox+, a completely redesigned display processor that warps and blends raw Image Generator content, pushing the limits of resolution with WQXGA, 4K and 8K resolution configurations with refresh rates up to 240Hz. Designed for maximum performance, reliability and ease of use, nBox+ processes imagery for high-performance, immersive simulation display applications including dome or collimated displays using either front or rear projection. It also introduces features enabling multi-layer warp maps including auto alignment, lens distortion correction, scaling and optional manual overlays. nBox+ also offers hotspot and black level compensation, 48-bit color processing, adjustment, and correction, as well as support for a dynamic eyepoint and dynamic contrast.


With up to 6 DisplayPort channels per rack mount unit and an unlimited number of channels per system, nBox+ is image generator and projector independent. “nBox+ treats the multi-projector theater as one contiguous display – not an array of individually controlled projectors,” said Adam McCard, 3DP’s Senior Vice President and Director of Sales. “With no processing or integration dependencies on the user’s IG, nBox+ allows for a clear upgrade path while keeping the overall display infrastructure in place. This makes it an ideal solution for in-place tech refreshes and upgrades.”

nBox+ is 3D perception’s most advanced display processor and is a significant addition to the Northstar  integrated simulation display solution which combines industry-leading display processing and management, projection and image optimization, and precision automatic image alignment and calibration, all under a centralized system interface.

Simulation industry professionals will be able to see the new nBox+ featured as part of 3D perception’s Northstar system in Booth 820 at I/ITSEC 2019, the world's largest modeling, simulation, and training conference, from December 2nd through 5th at the Orange County Convention Center.