The release of VBS Blue IG 20.1 includes the latest updates to the company’s high-performance, 3D whole-earth image generator, including updates to VBS Blue’s atmospheric modeling for more realistic rendering, performance optimizations to display thousands of AI entities in a scene, improvements to terrain detail including 3D trees and new thermal simulation capabilities. Additionally, VBS Blue IG’s entity processing has been updated in version 20.1 to allow for thousands of entities to be present in a scene while reducing the impact on graphical performance compared with the previous version.

3D trees in new update of VBS Blue IG 20.1. Image credit: BISim.

BISim updated VBS Blue IG’s atmospheric lighting model and fog to behave realistically under all possible light conditions. For instance, air scenarios benefit from correct horizon brightness that the new models will bring. The updates to the lighting model also increase rendering performance for VBS Blue IG.

Terrain detail was enhanced by improving the procedural simulation of erosion. Terrain detail also was improved by doubling the resolution of surface maps, compared with version 19.1. These improvements were achieved with minimal impact on performance.

Improvements were also made to how large groups of buildings in cities are rendered when viewing cities from a distance so that fading happens smoothly.

VBS Blue IG 20.1 also now represents trees at the highest level of fidelity as 3D models for detailed ground and rotary wing training. The vast majority of image generators today only use 2D billboard trees to model densely vegetated environments. By using 3D trees, VBS Blue IG offers users greater realism and reduced negative training.

VBS Blue IG 20.1 includes automatic simulation of thermal heating over time. This can be simulated from a connected VBS simulation host or from third-party, CIGI-capable simulation hosts.

VBS Blue IG can be used across individual part-task trainers, VR/AR solutions and full-motion simulators with multiple synchronized displays. Using the Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI) standard, VBS Blue IG integrates with any CIGI-compliant host software including VBS3 or VBS4.