The Norwegian Armed Forces already have Cobra single channel dome displays in service with the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), and now the Norwegian Institute of Aviation Medicine has ordered two F35 pilot training simulators, consisting of Cobra Simulation’s Cobra150 AV Pro immersive display systems integrated with F35 cockpit simulators supplied by Bugeye Technologies Inc.

Pictured here is a Cobra150 dome display mounted on Bugeye’s F-35 cockpit with an F-35 style simulated ejection seat, high fidelity stick, throttle and rudder pedals and F-35 labels to give an immersive feel. The F-35 cockpit features a sliding left console and cockpit features that simulate an F-35 cockpit. The sliding console provides for ease of entry reducing accidental impact to the throttle assembly.  Sliding console can be adapted for the right side for a Long Throw Stick aircraft or as needed. The Cobra150 AV Pro+ system featured includes a single channel 4k dome display delivering 150-degree by 66-degree field of view complete with an Image Generator (IG) from Novatech running Cobra True Dimension warping software.

The two simulators are targeted for delivery and installation over the summer with the aim of being in service by the autumn.

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