Airborne Tactical Advantage Company, part of the Textron Systems segment of Textron Inc, has been selected to provide live contract close air support (CCAS) training for Joint Terminal Air Controllers (JTACs) under the U.S. Air Force’s Combat Air Forces Contracted Air Support program. 

A team flying ATAC’s L-39 Albatros and Valkyrie Aero’s A-27 Tucano aircraft will

support Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) JTAC training at numerous bases and locations throughout the continental United States.  The contract calls for approximately 900 sorties and more than 1,100 flight hours on tactical ranges annually, with flight operations commencing in the summer of 2020.  This is the first CCAS award the Air Force will grant the contracted air services industry for what could be up to 10 locations under the Combat Air Forces Contracted Air Support program.

The ATAC-Valkyrie team also supports JTAC training under the U.S. Navy’s Terminal Attack Controller Trainer (TACT) program, and recently completed an evolution for the Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center (NAWDC) on the Fallon ranges.  The ATAC-Valkyrie team was competitively selected to participate in the TACT program in April 2019.