DSSP Inc. has been awarded a Phase II SBIR contract by the US Army Contracting Command in Orlando, Florida, entitled: Non-Pyrotechnic Small Arms and Battlefield Effects Simulators using eSquibs. 

Pyroelectric propellants are nontoxic and can be electrically ignited and extinguished (switched on/off) many hundreds of times. Unlike other pyrotechnic material, these pyroelectric propellants are completely insensitive to ignition by flame, spark and impact.

This new Army contract will build on eSquib pyrotechnic-like effects for use in live-fire, mixed reality solider training and atmospherics. The eSquib technology will enable live fire targets and atmospherics to simulate hundreds of realistic muzzles flashes before requiring replacement. The contract will also use enhanced eSquib effects for target shoot back simulations to include bullet metal strikes, small arms and machine gun muzzle flashes.

“The contract is based on decades of our research with hydroxylammonium-nitrate (HAN) based pyroelectric propellants,” said Dr. Wayne Sawka, DSSP’s Founder and CEO. 

Previously, this technology achieved a high TRL by being used as micro-thrusters aboard “SpinSat” the Naval Research Laboratory’s small satellite. 2014 was the first time that NASA deemed a solid propellant safe enough to be allowed inside and then launched from the International Space Station. Also, after winning the Live Design International Product Award in 2014 in entertainment, the eSquib technology has been used by production studios, music videos, sport arenas and is in daily use at a top international amusement park.