Australia’s Department of Defence (DoD) has selected Saab’s autonomous underwater vehicle system AUV62-AT, as the new intermediate Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) training target for the navy. The AUV62-AT, is being acquired at an investment of AU$11 million (US$7.9 million) and will be used to simulate submarines and torpedo’s for training purposes.

“This advanced technology training target will simulate submarines and torpedoes, providing highly realistic live training scenarios for submariners, aviators and surface vessel combat teams,” Defence Minister Linda Reynolds said in a statement. Australia is seeking to enhance its regional ASW capabilities under its 2020 Force Structure Plan announced on July 1.

The AUV62-AT negates the need to deploy submarines for routine ASW training and can generate realistic submarine noises and echoes. It is also capable of deceiving any torpedo homing system.

Saab Australia will partner with local industry to deliver the contract for the navy. Australian firm BlueZone Group which has facilities in Newcastle, Perth and Melbourne will support operation of the AUV62-At and its repair and maintenance.