Australia’s Department of Defence recently announced an investment of AU$1.4 billion in an effort to strengthen the cyber defences of deployed Australian Defence Force (ADF) networks and combat platforms. The investments will be made over a 20 year period with an initial investment of $575 million to strengthen the ADF’s deployed cyber resilience.

Defence Minister Linda Reynolds announced the planned investments in a statement, sharing the details of Joint Project 9131 Defensive Cyberspace Operations as part of the 2020 Force Structure Plan.

"Cyber threats to Defence networks and missions systems have the potential to undermine the Australian Defence Force’s ability to operate," Reynolds said. "This Government is also funding the construction of a modern, purpose-built Joint Information Warfare Facility in the ACT which will offer critical Defence cyber training and simulation systems."

A project to deliver a comprehensive training programme that will also include virtual cyber training environments and tools will be funded by the initial investment announced. To ensure that the ADF’s defensive cyber operations capability remains up to date, further staged investments are planned. These investments will aid in the development of training and creation of tools and infrastructure required for the ADF’s cyber workforce to remain abreast of cyber threats.