VirTra has received a $1.5 million order from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) for VirTra’s V-ST PRO 4K simulators, V-100 4K simulators, accessories, and training.

FLETC provides career-long law enforcement training to law enforcement professionals in more than 90 federal agencies. This is FLETC’s second order with VirTra since becoming a client in October 2019. VirTra aims to fulfill FLETC’s need for improved training and a technical refresh by providing realistic interactive scenarios and marksmanship training through the latest technology of simulation training solutions. The V-ST PRO and V-100 4K simulators feature professionally produced scenarios, independently verified ballistics, and high definition 4K imagery and are designed to make the skills learned in a simulator more transferrable to real life.

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FLETC intends to utilize the simulators for marksmanship training as well as for its use-of-force Judgmental Pistol Shoot (JPS) Program. The simulators are scheduled to be installed at FLETC’s law enforcement training academy locations in Glynco, Georgia, Artesia, New Mexico, Charleston, South Carolina, and Cheltenham, Maryland, by December 2020. Additional options under this contract may be exercised in 2021.