Defence and training support company, MASS, has launched an online training platform for its established cyber and Electronic Warfare (EW) training courses, offering an engaging learning experience in an accessible and Covid-secure way.

MASS's team of experts used their extensive experience of training and working in the defence sector to develop a new online learning platform. The courses include Foundation level EW, aimed at all levels of the military, enabling them to build and maintain an EW capability and Introduction to Joint Operations Planning (available from Feb. 2021), which is aimed at military staff and will enable them to plan Joint operations at the Operational level of a Task Force HQ.

MASS also offers cyber training to all industries and sectors; the Cyberstars and Resilience Assessment courses on an individual or group basis are designed to increase awareness and importance of cyber security.

The MASS Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) provides the full mix of teaching methods, including virtual classrooms, group work and individual learning. Participants are able to access courses and learning materials wherever they are; automated reminders make it easy to set up regular training periods and employers can track the learning progress of their employees. The training is flexible, which means it can accommodate as many attendees as required.