Wrap Technologies, Inc. has received an official endorsement from the National De-escalation Training Center (NDTC) for the company’s BolaWrap Remote Restraint technology.

The NDTC is a non-profit organization specializing in situational de-escalation and use-of-force incidents in law enforcement. Their vision is to create the opportunity for positive outcomes during police-citizen interactions.

“As the national leader in de-escalation training, the National De-escalation Training Center has determined that it is appropriate to endorse BolaWrap as a valuable tool for law enforcement officers. As a highly visible non-profit organization, we are very cautious in making any endorsement, however BolaWrap provides such a significant advancement and contribution to safe and effective de-escalation in certain circumstances, that it warrants this endorsement. The device can safely and remotely restrain individuals while reducing or eliminating the need to use force,” said NDTC Chairman and CEO, Dr. Patrick Guarnieri.

“This endorsement reflects our ongoing commitment to be innovative and at the forefront of preventing escalation where possible. Wrap is honored to be endorsed by the nation’s leading training source for uses of force and situational de-escalation,” commented Wrap CEO, TJ Kennedy.