Halldale Group and ICAO have announced a media partnership to promote ICAO training activities as well as its capacity building initiatives to the Civil Aviation Training magazine network, comprising regulatory bodies and aviation stakeholders from the private industry sector.

Through this partnership, content related to ICAO compliance activities supporting the orderly development of international civil aviation, and in alignment with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS), will be regularly reflected in CAT Magazine and at Halldale Group industry events such as WATS, EATS and APATS. This collaboration will also provide a framework to highlight best practices in the field of civil aviation training.

Andy Smith, President and CEO of Halldale Group, said: “We at Halldale are delighted to be joining and supporting ICAO’s ongoing effort to continue the development and improvement of the global aviation industry, especially from our viewpoint of continual improvements to training benefiting the various segments of the industry, including airlines.

"We look forward to supporting ICAO events, training initiatives and outreach through our events and media and we will continue our program of training and technology-based working groups and will share outcomes as they are developed.

"Halldale has been referred to as ‘more than just for profit company’ and that is the certainly our approach to this vital community and we are pleased to be part of this ground breaking agreement with ICAO.”

Diego Martinez, ICAO’s Chief Global Aviation Training Section “This partnership with Halldale Group, will also allow ICAO Global Aviation Training to increase engagement with private industry, supporting the diversification of the TRAINAIR PLUS Membership network with Approved Training Organizations in the Airlines and Aircraft Maintenance sectors, and the growth of its training portfolio of courses in the areas of UAS, cyber security, and data driven decision making courses.”