Military flight training provider, Ascent Flight Training, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Aeralis, the designer of a new modular British fast jet training aircraft. 

The two companies will work together on the flying training system of the future and explore potential collaboration opportunities for the delivery of military flying training in the United Kingdom and overseas.

Bristol-based staff from both companies will jointly analyse how a modern modular aircraft design could perform in a future aircrew training system, where it offers benefits such as lower acquisition and operating costs and modern avionic systems integrated with the ground-based training equipment. The companies will also assess innovative training technologies, which will provide insight into the type of live/virtual training system design of the future.

Tim James, MD of Ascent Flight Training said: “This MOU is a fantastic opportunity for us to work with Aeralis in a conceptual way to envision flying training systems of the future in the UK and overseas. Ascent Flight Training will use its extensive experience as the UK’s Military Flying Training System partner to work collaboratively with Aeralis to see how new and innovative training technologies can be integrated with a modern modular aircraft in a variety of future training system designs.”

Tristan Crawford, CEO of Aeralis said: “We are delighted to announce this MOU with Ascent as we push ahead with our innovative solution for the air force fleets of the future. The opportunities presented by Aeralis have clear synergies with the future plans of Ascent for flying training and we look forward to developing and exploiting those opportunities as we move forward.”