entrol has launched a new flight training device (FTD) simulator based on the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane. The first unit of this model is the first FTD Level 2 based on the Sikorsky S-64 in the world. 

This helicopter is being used worldwide for firefighting purposes due to its high capacity and quick water refilling ability. It can also be used in civil protection, heavy lift construction or timber harvesting. 

Installed and certified as an FTD Level 2 in a customer’s premises in Southern Europe, at Heli Protection Europe srl Training Center in Rieti (Italy), this unit is equipped with the latest Entrol Technology, supported by more than 15 years of experience. 

"We believe that this simulator will increase safety in firefighting operations, as well as help reduce the carbon footprint of the training,” states Luis Olarte, CEO and Co-Founder of entrol.

With this new simulator, entrol keeps on looking for further technological improvements in the sector and reaffirms the will to fulfilling the needs customers worldwide have.