Shane Carroll, the Head of Training Software COC at Airbus, joins Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium Chair, Captain Jacques Drappier, to give his insights on how XR technologies will shape the future of aviation training. The interview was part of the 2022 Heads of Training series.

Shane explains how XR will revolutionise aviation training much like flight simulators have pioneered the way over the last few decades. Shane explains how XR isn't here to replace flight simulators and how XR will benefit cabin and maintenance training as well as pilot.

The 2022 APATS Heads of Training workshop took place virtually this year, with some 50 heads of training from across the region discussing some key topics. As well as Skills Decay, the group also looked at UPRT, Big Data, EBT, XR VR and selection and ab initio training. We are looking forward to hosting the meetings in person at APATS 2023, live in Singapore from August 29-30.

Capt Drappier has posted interviews with a number of subject experts on these other topics, be sure to catch the entire series.