Merlin Flight Simulation Group installed a new motion based MP521 simulator on a six axis electric motion system at The Department of Aerospace Engineering, in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Swansea University.

In addition, Merlin also installed another MP500-1 system, making a total of five simulators within the laboratory on the Bay Campus at Swansea.

Dr. Ben Evans, Head of Aerospace said: “We are delighted to have received our new six axis motion simulator from Merlin which, along with the additional desktop simulator, doubles the capacity of our flight simulation lab at Swansea University.  This will be a fantastic benefit to all of our Aerospace students at Swansea for whom access to the Merlin flight simulator suite is a critical part of their learning experience.  We have been working with Chris and the team at Merlin for many years and we are always impressed with the level of technical support that Merlin provides.  We are also excited to be hosting the Merlin IT FLIES competition in 2023 and welcoming student teams from across the globe to use our state-of-the-art facility at Swansea.”

After two years of holding ‘virtual’ events, Merlin will stage their IT FLIES UK competition at Swansea on 8 June 2023.  This is a unique competition where test pilots ‘fly’ and assess students’ designs on one of Merlin’s simulators and has been running for over 15 years.   The 2023 event will see Swansea host teams from the UK, Europe and the USA.