FlightSafety International has acquired a V7000 Brigade-R Cabin Fire + Smoke Trainer from Flame Aviation. The V7000 Brigade is in use with many airlines all over the world for training for inflight fires.

This next-generation fire trainer is housed in a cabin for easy outside installation and has a realistic aircraft interior with a galley, seats, overhead compartments and a lavatory. Up to three trainees can be trained in the fire trainer, depending on their role in the aircraft.

The instructor can present realistic scenarios, such as a fire in the lavatory waste bin, in the oven or in the overhead compartment. But also, electrical fires caused by short circuit, or lithium-ion battery fires in smart phones, power banks or laptops can be simulated and realistically trained.

“We are confident that FSI’s customers will be thrilled with the extensive capabilities the V7000 Brigade offers to train inflight fires,” said Robin Pijnaker, CEO of Flame Aviation.

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