Airways Aviation Group, represented by its COO & CCO Alexandre Alves, signed a training agreement with German-based SKY4U, which amongst other programs offers a Ryanair-approved APS MCC.

This agreement, valid for all Airways Aviation ESMA (France) graduate pilots, will have effects immediately and will allow pilots to get high-quality APS MCC and also to be eligible for an assessment with Ryanair and have the chance of potentially becoming one of their cadet pilots.

“This agreement will allow Airways Aviation ESMA (France) graduate pilots to enroll on this highly successful APS MCC program but also to be eligible for Ryanair assessment and have the possibility of joining this airline as one of their cadet pilots,” said Alexandre Alves, COO & CCO. “This is another step on the continuous effort of partnering with market leaders and offer our students the best training and options to enter the market as highly skilled professionals.”