entrol has released a new Mixed Reality solution focused on Mission Training that can be used as a visual system for every entrol device.

Mixed Reality technologies offer a blend of virtual and real-world elements. This technology allows the user to get a high level of immersion in the training together with the touch and feel of a cockpit, much needed by the pilots for their training, creating a highly interactive experience.

Mixed Reality technology is focused on mission training. The 360-degree field of view allows trainees to train in highly immersive scenarios, performing SAR, HEMS, or Fire Fighting missions as if they were in a real aircraft. This field of view and entrol’s high-fidelity cockpit replica will take the training to a new height.

The possibility of interconnection between simulators also increases the capabilities of this solution, as different helicopter pilots or crew members can train in the same environment without the need to be in an identical location.