Remograph, providers of products and services for the computer graphics, visual simulation and 3D modeling markets, has released Remo 3D v3.0 and Remoscape v1.0. Remo 3D is an effective tool for creating and modifying 3D models intended for realtime visualization, while Remoscape is a new automated, user-friendly and cost-effective cloud service for generating 3D landscapes for realtime visualization.

The new major version 3.0 of Remo 3D brings support for boolean operations, light sources, geocentric conversion, a new help system, a dark theme and much more. The full list of new features and improvements can be found in the release notes on Remograph’s website.

The new Remoscape cloud service makes creation of 3D landscapes for realtime visualization much easier with its user-friendly interface, its own spatially aware content, and the fact that users can let the cloud do the heavy lifting instead of using their own computers. The service allows users to upload their geodata, configure some intuitive settings, and then just let the cloud do the rest. The resulting visual database can be previewed directly in the browser and then exported to a file format of choice. 

Remoscape has been launched as an online cloud service with all the necessary data security measures taken. For even higher data security, an upcoming version will be possible to install on a local network as well.