Lockheed Martin UK has joined with Cubic, 4GD, KX, Ravenswood UK, Splunk, and Turner & Townsend on a transformational solution for the British Army’s Collective Training Transformation Programme (CTTP). Known as Alliance, the UK-based collaboration has been formed as an engine for change, bringing together extensive experience and thought leadership across industries to ensure training effect and delivery, stemming from industry best practices.

Alliance will bid for the Army’s CTTP set to deliver a new, technology-driven training capability to the Army: the Future Collective Training System (FCTS).

Alliance delivers partnership at all levels, collaborative and transformational behaviours, thought leadership, and enhanced data exploitation to improve performance and decision making for an efficient training enterprise. To meet operational readiness outputs, they will continue to embrace new technologies that will transform the user experience and deliver realistic, adversarial, challenging training at the point of need.

As a Strategic Training Partner (STP) to the British Army, Alliance has embraced the CTTP, as well as ISO-44001, a guideline for collaborative behaviours, in that it seeks to provide an evolutionary, adaptable and globally deployable collective training system which uses rapid data exploitation as a strategic tool to maximise training value and enable the design and delivery of tailored training events to match user-specific needs.