MedAire has partnered with STARLUX Airlines, Taiwan's rapidly growing international airline. The partnership includes comprehensive Complaints Resolution Official (CRO) training on the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), MedLink in-flight medical support, and Passenger Fit-to-Fly support.

"STARLUX Airlines is committed to providing a premium service to our passengers while ensuring their safety and comfort. Partnering with MedAire enables us to achieve this goal while maintaining compliance with international regulations," said Brian Lin, Chief Corporate Safety Officer of STARLUX Airlines. "MedAire's expertise in training and medical support services makes them the perfect fit for our expanding operations."

The partnership commenced in December 2022 with in-person meetings and workshops in Taipei, where MedAire demonstrated its ability to meet STARLUX's needs and improve operational efficiency. In addition, MedAire's ACAA/CRO Train-the-Trainer program was instrumental in preparing STARLUX for the recent launch of its Taipei-Los Angeles route.

MedAire will provide STARLUX Airlines access to MedLink delivered in Chinese, offering local language capabilities and ensuring seamless support across all services.