FlightLogger, a provider of flight training management software, has partnered with AirNav Systems, developer of real-time flight tracking service radarbox.com. Training organizations now using FlightLogger will be granted free access to retrieve and store flight tracks directly from AirNav Systems, seamlessly integrated into FlightLogger’s software.

AirNav Systems’ commitment to accuracy and comprehensive coverage ensures that FlightLogger’s clients have access to reliable and up-to-date flight tracking data. This high-quality information empowers aviation professionals to make informed decisions with confidence.

In addition, FlightLogger clients can now enjoy free access to flight tracking data as an integral part of FlightLogger’s software. This not only saves costs but also eliminates the complexities associated with separate subscriptions.

The partnership with AirNav Systems has resulted in a seamless integration of their flight tracking capabilities into FlightLogger’s software. Clients can effortlessly retrieve, store, and analyze flight tracks without the need to switch between platforms or navigate complex data integration processes. It’s all conveniently available within the familiar FlightLogger interface.

While the integration of radarbox.com’s flight tracking data within FlightLogger offers extensive coverage, FlightLogger clients are recommended to consider acquiring an AirNav Systems tracking device for their location. This additional hardware ensures even better coverage and enhances the accuracy of flight tracking data in their specific area. By leveraging both FlightLogger’s software and an AirNav Systems tracking device, clients can maximize their operational efficiency and gain comprehensive insights into local air traffic.