Simaero has expanded its Paris Training Center capacity by adding eight new full-flight simulator (FFS) bays. Starting in late 2024, the company will offer new pilot training solutions on widely-used aircraft types such as A350, A320, and B737 Max.

Simaero already offers its clients a network of 30 Full-Flight Simulators worldwide, including 18 FFS in France.

“In Paris, we already offer training solutions on A320, A330-340, A350, B737 Classic, B737 NG, B757 767, B777, B787, ATR-500, and ATR-600, but requests are increasing on our current fleet and other aircraft types. By doubling our training capacity, we can secure our customers’ future needs, and mostly, we position Paris as a long-term strategic location for pilot training worldwide,” explains Nicolas Mouté, CEO of Simaero.

To fill the new eight Full-Flight Simulator bays, the group has already announced the order of a new CAE 7000XR A350-900 FFS. Simaero is also considering ordering A320 neo, B737 Max, and Boeing B787 Full-Flight Simulators.

The company plans to invest up to €100 million within the next few years and create over 50 direct and indirect job opportunities in the Paris CDG area.

Located 10 minutes from Paris Charles-de-Gaulle international airport’s terminals, the new center will incorporate 8 FFS bays, training classrooms, rest and dedicated areas for customers, and new offices for the growing Simaero staff.

“The facility has been designed to meet the latest quality and environmental standards. Only high-quality and recycled construction materials will be used for the building and roads, and high-performance photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roof to minimize the carbon footprint during construction and operations,” said Tanguy Tostivint, General Manager of Simaero France.

This project will adopt the ISO 14 001 standards, and the building will be certified Haute Qualité Environnementale (HQE), the highest French environmental standard for commercial buildings.

This new facility is planned to be fully operational by the end of 2024 and will be open 24/7, 364 days per year.