Hungarian pilot training center, Tréner Ltd. has purchased an FNPT II MCC simulator from Simnest Aviation this May. The newly acquired Airbus A320-based device will be used to train the cadets of the Wizz Air Pilot Academy.

With its more than 30 years of history in pilot training, Tréner has more than 23 aircraft at the disposal of their students and have trained more than 1,000 commercial pilots throughout their history. Since the launch of the Wizz Air Pilot Academy in 2017, the Tréner has been providing training for the Wizz Air Pilot Academy.

The new Simnest Airbus A320 FNTP II MCC device will be a large jet simulator of the Tréner. Since almost the entire fleet of Wizz Air consists of Airbus A320s and A321s, it was an important argument for the management of Tréner in favor of Simnest Aviation that they definitely wanted to buy a simulator that reproduces both the external and internal properties of the Airbus A320 aircraft as perfectly as possible.

In addition to the high-fidelity design and operation, it was also an important aspect that the instructors could easily use the simulator. Simnest Aviation's proprietary software environment allows the simulator to be used without a technician and includes features unique to the market, it says, such as the one-button start-up / shut-down and the instant repositioning of the aircraft.

“This remarkable device will provide invaluable support to our students, especially those at the Wizz Air Pilot Academy,” said Tibor Horváth, the Training Manager of the Tréner. “It will significantly enhance their training experience within our esteemed programs, such as the Wizz Air Pilot Academy program, the Cabin Crew to Captain program, and our latest initiative designed specifically for aspiring female pilots, known as the She Can Fly Program.

With the new acquisition of Tréner, three major Hungarian players of aviation have joined forces to contribute to the safety of commercial aviation and to help overcome the global pilot shortage.