Halldale Group was saddened to learn this November 3 of the sudden death of RADM James Robb, President, NTSA.

Halldale had the privilege of watching Jim continue to elevate modeling and simulation to the national stage – advocating for its use well beyond military training and education – in healthcare, engineering and other communities throughout the nation. 

Whether advocating for M&S with members of Congress and their staffs on Capitol Hill, or engaging with military members and their industry counterparts at I/ITSEC, TSIS and other community events, the retired Navy rear admiral, had a genuine interest in leading efforts to educate and inform groups and individuals about our exciting, expanding sector. 

And there was no “fluff” in Robb’s activities, as the recent association president truly had his finger on the pulse of the entire M&S enterprise. In a bit of irony, Robb, several days before his untimely passing, provided his keen insights and perspectives on a range of topics for an interview with Marty Kauchak, MS&T editor.

[Publisher’s note: MS&T will post the interview in its entirety this Wednesday 8 November.]  

 Halldale sends condolences to Jim Robb’s family and friends.