TrainGraphics has unveiled release 7.9 to Train3DBuilder, which includes added features to enhance both the user experience and the software's functionality.

Some of the key features integrated into this new version include:

New Settings / Preferences Window, which is more intuitive and features a search bar, a category view, and flexible workspace options (global/project/user).

New Debug settings Window, which is located under the "Help" menu. Now, in a single view, users can easily access the essential settings required for debugging a project.

New Road Generation Settings, which provide information about the definition of travel direction, road rasterization, and other project-related parameters used to generate the road network.

For CityGML models, users can replace or add the textures of facades and roofs with their own textures or those existing in the material library. The use of Extrude Facades is supported.

Other features include new modifier options such as modifier mapping, modifier marking, and modifier contour placer modifier.

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