Nortávia has entered a partnership with VRpilot to deliver interactive procedure training solutions for all phases of Nortávia’s ATPL program. This will provide their students and instructors with procedure training tools to maximize the efficiency of time spent in the aircraft and simulators.

Offering integrated ATPL courses at their Maia Aerodrome near Porto, Nortávia operates a diverse fleet of aircraft. VRpilot will deliver its VRflow procedure training platform for Nortávia’s training on the Cessna C152, Cessna 172, Tecnam P2006T, and Airbus A320.

Gonçalo Moreira, General Manager, Nortávia: “At Nortávia we are constantly looking for methods to improve our flight instruction and as such we have been seeking the best digital tools to complement our well-seasoned teaching techniques. With VRpilot, we are confident that our student pilots will benefit from accelerated learning of SOPs and cockpit flows. We expect it to reduce 10-15% in cockpit adaptation time, leading to more hours of effective flight training in the aircraft and in the simulator, crucial on the early development stages of any student. As we incorporate VRpilot into our curriculum, we remain committed to provide comprehensive guidance and support, ensuring that our students maximize the benefits of this advanced technology. Continuous feedback assessment will further aid us in refining our approach and optimizing the overall learning experience.”

Daniel Maass, Partner, VRpilot: “Nortávia has made an unprecedented move for a European flight school to integrate virtual reality procedure training across all phases of their ATPL training program, providing their students with the unique advantage of having the same technology available for procedure training from their first flight up to their MCC/APS course.”

Nortavia believes the integration of VRflow is set to distinguish it as the first Portuguese flight school to incorporate virtual reality (VR) technology as an integral part of their pilot training curriculum.

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