WATS 2024

The World Aviation Training Symposium

30th April - May 2nd, 2024.

Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, Orlando, Florida, US


Erika Armstrong, author of the bestselling book A CHICK IN THE COCKPIT, will present at the 2024 World Aviation Training Summit (WATS). 

Erika, a seasoned aviation professional with a diverse career spanning 30 years, will be shedding light on a crucial aspect often overlooked in pilot training—the pilot's own brain.

Erika Armstrong: A Trailblazer in Aviation

Erika Armstrong.jpgErika's journey through the aviation industry, from the front desk of a small FBO in Minnesota to the captain's seat of an international commercial airliner, has equipped her with a wealth of experiences.

Her multifaceted career includes roles as a Red Cross, charter, corporate, cargo, hazmat, and air ambulance pilot, flying an impressive array of twenty-eight different aircraft under Part 91 and 135.

Erika's expertise extends to academia, where she serves as an aviation professor, Instructional Designer, and VP of Business Development at Advanced Aircrew Academy.

Her bestselling book, A CHICK IN THE COCKPIT, is currently undergoing screenplay adaptation.

Beyond her accolades, Erika is a thought leader in the aviation community, engaging with 500,000 enthusiasts worldwide through her social media full stack platform, inspiring the next generation of pilots.

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Presentation Abstract: The Pilot Brain - How Personality Affects Safety

In her thought-provoking presentation, "The Pilot Brain: How Personality Affects Safety," Erika will delve into the intricacies of pilot training that extend beyond the technicalities of aircraft systems and regulations. While pilots are rigorously trained on the essentials of flying, Erika recognizes the need to address the most critical operating system in the flight deck—the pilot's own brain.

The session promises an enlightening overview of how pilots are tested versus how they are trained, exploring the impact of personality on learning preferences. Erika will unveil specific observable behaviors linked to personality traits that, while enhancing a pilot's strengths, can pose challenges during emergencies.

Audience members will gain insights into why the brain processes information differently in the flight deck compared to a simulator. Erika will provide valuable guidance on navigating those crucial first moments after an emergency or anomaly arises, offering a unique perspective on enhancing safety through understanding the pilot's psychological landscape.

Join us at WATS 2024 for Erika Armstrong's presentation, where she unpacks The Pilot Brain, highlighting the delicate balance between a pilot's superpowers and potential kryptonite in ensuring aviation safety.

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