Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS) will showcase the most updated version of its CH-47F Block II Cargo Helicopter Immersive Aviation Training Suite in Booth 134 at the 2024 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit in Denver, Colorado, from 24-26 April.

“We are proud to support the U.S Army Program Executive Office Aviation, Project Manager Cargo’s CH-47F Block II training program,” said Mick Golson, ECS president. “This immersive training suite provides our aviation soldiers with technical training and comprehensive preparation to improve mission readiness, promote job efficiency, and ensure success in the field.”

In supporting the Army’s “Chinook” helicopter mission, ECS identified new critical tasks related to a major block change in the CH-47F aircraft and integrated them with the legacy tasks. This analysis was then developed into an updated curriculum for aviators and maintainers to teach the differences between the Model Year II and updated Block II systems. ECS converted existing training materials into computer-based courses (Interactive Multimedia Instruction levels 2, 3 and 4) to meet training requirements.

ECS’ CH-47F Immersive Aviation Training Suite offers Interactive Courseware, Free Flight Instructor Tool (an interactive visual aid for instructor-led training), and the Cockpit Desktop Trainer (CAAS emulator). Key features of the suite include a higher fidelity 3D virtual environment, multiple performance upgrades, easy to access course launcher, tracking of lesson progress enabling the student to accurately gauge their pace and proficiency, and additional tailored, track-specific lessons for rated and nonrated crewmembers (military occupational specialties 15F, 15U, 15N and 15D).

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