NBAA Gift Training Materials Until 18 October

13 October 2020

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The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is posting all webinars from its Virtual Safety Week sessions online for free until 18 October. The three sessions – Single-Pilot Safety Standdown, Safety Town Hall, and National Safety Forum: Optimizing Your Personal Performance – aim to help users expand their knowledge, develop skills, and hone their proficiency.

The Single-Pilot Safety Standdown session includes four webinars, which teach common accident and incident scenarios that could negatively affect flying, as well as explain options for success in flying by addressing critical decision-making away from high workload conditions.

In the Safety Town Hall webinar, John and Martha King, King Schools, and Richard McSpadden, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Safety Foundation, discuss emerging safety trends with journalist Miles O’Brien.

How is future training being responded to in the challenges posed by a current and post Covid operational environment? Join the discussion at Global Airline Training & Simulation – Virtual, as we Reset, Restart and Rebuild. Find out more  here.

The National Safety Forum: Optimizing Your Personal Performance session includes four webinars. Three webinars focus on how individual aviation professionals can optimize their personal performance through effective management of sleep as well as maintaining a healthy mind and healthy body. A fourth webinar addresses the role organizations should play in this human performance optimization and how they should monitor and proactively engage this effort via their safety management system to safely realize maximum benefit.

NBAA also recognizes excellence in the areas of safe flight and professionalism as part of the National Safety Forum. NBAA member companies achieving 50 or 60 years of accident-free flying are recognized with NBAA’s Safe Flying Awards. Individuals who are the pillars of professionalism in the business aviation community are recognized with the NBAA Dr. Tony Kern Professionalism in Aviation Awards.

After 18 October, the entire Virtual Safety Week package will only be available through purchase.

For a report on the current state of the industry, read  What About Young People in Flight Training?


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