Moth+Flame Launches VR Authoring Tool for Training Content

14 February 2023

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Moth+Flame launched a new product that will make building custom Virtual Reality (VR) content easier than before. The authoring tool, which is still in the beta phase, allows Moth+Flame customers to quickly develop custom VR content with generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) so training content feels real, immersive, and engaging. Customized training content is voice-activated, so learners must speak to navigate the training scenario, reinforcing learning objectives and improving learning retention.

Invesco is the first customer to use the product and launched the new VR training at an Invesco Sales Symposium. Invesco’s first use case will help their sales team improve in overcoming objections from customers by having sales representatives practice having simulated conversations in a VR headset.

With Invesco's adoption of the Moth+Flame authoring tool, they can generate unlimited workforce training and development solutions. This advanced technology has enabled them to create secure and intuitive applications capable of handling large volumes of custom content with the ease of intuitive building. By leveraging Moth+Flame’s extensive experience in developing VR and immersive software for training, the company can deliver effective solutions that meet each customer's unique needs.

“The biggest challenge for all education is the scale of content creation,” said Moth+Flame CEO Kevin Cornish.  “So much enterprise training is limited to low-scoring e-learning products because of scale limitations.  With this tool, enterprises will be able to scale their content creation across all use cases in virtual reality, the most effective training modality available.”

With this build-your-own VR and immersive learning authoring tool, enterprises can create unique immersive experiences that deploy to the workforce on iOS or VR headsets. The advanced AI-driven platform makes it easy for anyone to build customized VR experiences quickly, efficiently, and without technical expertise. It's designed with a user-friendly interface so that even novice users can create high-quality immersive experiences. The platform also offers features such as 3D asset libraries, drag-and-drop editors, and multi-user support.

The time to create custom VR content has previously slowed VR adoption. Moth+Flame  believes this tool will permanently change the expansion of the metaverse and adoption of VR at the enterprise level. Learning and development departments will quickly be able to adapt current trainings that are in the traditional format to a more immersive experience. And metaverse content creators will have speed to completion to build the future of work. While the product is only available to a select cohort of beta users, Moth+Flame anticipates a full product launch in the second quarter. The result will be an AI-powered system that will guide users through every step of the immersive learning content creation process. With this authoring tool, learning and development professionals can transform ideas into meaningful training scenarios that captivate employees while bringing imagination to life.


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