Leonardo to start AW609 tiltrotor production

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Leonardo announced the start of production of the world’sfirst AW609 tiltrotor Level D Full Flight Simulator (FFS) and the intention tointroduce the first U.S.-based AW169 Level D Full Flight Simulator. Both willbe installed into the new training academy being developed at the company’shelicopter facility based in Philadelphia and will be in service in 2020.

The AW609 simulator is developed in collaboration with CAEand based on the CAE 3000 Series FFS that features CAE’s roll-on/roll-offcockpit design, enabling cockpits representing various Leonardo helicoptertypes to be used in the full-motion base simulator. Leonardo and CAE will alsodevelop an AW169 simulator cockpit to be made available and used in the CAE3000 Series simulator. Both the AW609 and AW169 simulators for the new TrainingAcademy in Philadelphia will be operated by Rotorsim, the joint venture ownedequally by CAE and Leonardo.

The AW609 simulator will deliver an advanced level oftraining to all customers undertaking the AW609 type rating for theiroperations worldwide, as well as for recurrent training for rated pilots.Pilots in training will be able to practice all the required operational tasksand procedures for the AW609 tiltrotor in both normal and emergency conditions,both flight and mission related in all phases of flight. The AW609 FFSperfectly replicates the unique tiltrotor flight conditions, operatingenvironments and the real aircraft behaviour with the possibility to also use nightvision goggles for night missions. The FFS will complement a full package oftraining services dedicated to the tiltrotor and offered by customers trainedat the new U.S. training academy. The AW169 simulator will meet the growingdemand for new generation light-intermediate helicopter model training forcrews in U.S. and across North and Latin America.

CAE’s roll-on/roll-off cockpit design is already used byLeonardo and CAE for other simulator systems in Italy. Using this design willresult in a fully interchangeable FFS training solution with the AW609 andAW169 cockpits at the new training academy. When not installed into thefull-motion base simulator, the cockpit will serve as a fixed-base FlightTraining Device (FTD), with a similar approach also available in the future forother types, thus significantly increasing the versatility and range oftraining services in U.S.


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