NCS names George Cheros president and CEO

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The National Center for Simulation (NCS) board of directors announcedGeorge Cheros as its president and CEO of NCS. After a short term as interimpresident, Cheros was chosen for his leadership skills, his keen sense of themodeling and simulation (M&S) industry and his past contributions, as wellas his diverse business experience in complementing industry sectors.

“We are pleased to select George Cheros as the new presidentand CEO of NCS,” said Brian Holmes, chairman of the NCS board of directors. “Henot only has the immediate past experience as the chief operations officer forthe past seven years, but he also brings a vast knowledge and experience inother industries that will aid the organization in exploiting simulation andtraining as a national leader and enabler for economic growth and ingenuity.”

Cheros’ experience before coming to NCS was instrumental in helpingsolidify some of the key milestones in the last five years. His knowledge andbackground in real estate contributed to the successful acquisition of multiplePartnership buildings in the Central Florida Research Park where Team Orlandopartners in military, academia and industry to collaborate and work.

“I’m looking forward to leading NCS as we help map thefuture of the MS&T community,” said Cheros. “The new Partnership buildingshave already attracted some exciting new missions and capabilities for TeamOrlando. I am very optimistic about our future as modeling and simulationtechnology will continue to permeate each of our lives through the medical,entertainment, cyber, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and manyother vertical markets. I appreciate the board’s confidence in my abilities andknow we will accomplish great things working together.”

The NCS is celebrating its 25th year and has been a keycontributor to the growth of the more than $6-billion M&S industry inCentral Florida and throughout the nation. NCS was born out of the U.S.military services’ mission, along with the University of Central Florida, tobuild and support training and simulation and expand the technology and growthe industry. NCS has worked hand-in-hand to solidify partnerships between themilitary, academic, and industry organizations. Its role to expand anddiversify to other industry sectors is a focal point for future growth andexpansion.


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