VirTra Debuts New Integration of VBS4

30 November 2023

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VirTra has debuted its integration of VBS4 and BlueIG at I/ITSEC 2023, offering added capability to its simulators. VBS (Virtual Battlespace) is a whole-Earth virtual and constructive simulation platform currently being used in over 60 countries and more than 300 integrators, supporting the training of hundreds of thousands of military personnel worldwide.

By integrating VBS4 into the VirTra Operating System (VOS), VirTra can provide military personnel with a rich, complex environment for training. VBS4 software allows organizations to create virtual battlespaces at any geospecific location for terrain building, mission planning, ground-based scenarios, and thorough debriefing.

VirTra’s primary objective in implementing the VBS4 software is to furnish military personnel with flexible, fast, and easily integrated virtual training experiences that prepare them for real-world decision-making. With its speed and flexibility, VBS4 can instantly integrate with classroom installations, and it has options for non-gun training and drone operations, ensuring that real-world scenario training is possible regardless of location.

“The integration of Bohemia Interactive Simulations Virtual Battlespace (VBS) into the VirTra product line enables military users of VBS to leverage their investment in models, terrain, scenarios and other integrated components instantly for part task and collective training” said VirTra CEO John Givens. “The combination of our V3 capture studio capabilities with the VBS integration enhances the ability of our existing law enforcement customers to effortlessly create intricate scenarios, putting the tools required for scenario creation in the hands of officers.”

VBS4 seamlessly integrates with VOS across all of VirTra’s simulators, making it usable regardless of the client’s simulator model. Starting in 2024, simulators with VBS4 integration will be made available to new customers, while existing VOS clients will have the option to upgrade their simulators.


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