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EDM CEETs for Cathay Pacific Pass FATs

Posted on Tuesday 10th January 2017 | Airline

EDM has announced that the two Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEETs) it has manufactured for Cathay Pacific have passed their Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs).

Built at EDM's facility in the UK, the B777 and A330 CEETs will enable Cathay Pacific's cabin crew to be fully trained in Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP). Custom-made to the client's exact specification, the CEETs' interiors have replica galleys, lavatories, attendant seats and associated control panels. The simulators will enable crew to be highly trained in door and exit operation, evacuation procedures, pilot incapacitation, fire fighting, cabin systems familiarisation and passenger management.

Both CEETs are fittedwith SEPTRE LITE, EDM's audio-visual system, that provides graphics at each passenger window and highly realistic audio to cover all phases of flight. SEPTRE LITE includes pre-programmed emergency scenarios such as aborted take-off, engine fire, gear collapse, turbulence, ditching and decompression.

Both CEET's have been manufactured to a modular design to facilitate their transportation to the airline's training facility at Hong Kong International Airport where they will be reassembled and installed next month.


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Authored by Fiona Greenyer
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