The fallout from the GermanWings tragedy has resulted in a recognition that mental health is a key aspect of the safe and efficient operation of the global aviation industry. Initiatives such as Peer Support programmes and recent EASA regulations have cemented the concept in the aviation community.

The RAeS conference, Aerospace Mental Health and Wellbeing, taking place from 22-23 May 2019 in London, UK, will put these initiatives into a broader concept of creating a systems approach to promoting and supporting the mental wellbeing of all personnel in the aviation sector.

The first speakers at the conference to be announced include Karen Moore, MD and Principal Occupational Psychologist, Symbiotics Ltd; Capt. Charlie Curreri, Senior Manager, Project Wingman, American Airlines; Dr. Stuart Mitchell FRAeS, Head of Aeromedical Safety Systems and Emerging Technologies, CAA; Dr. Rob Hunter, Head of Flight Safety, British Airline Pilots Association; and Marinella Leone, Project and Human Factors Manager, EUROCONTROL.