At almost any medical school, soon-to-be doctors will get years of hands-on and classroom training in preparation for their careers. But there are perks that come with going to a school that's affiliated with a prestigious hospital.

"You get to see the medical cases that are really complex," says Sahil Mehta, a graduate of the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago, which is affiliated with NorthShore University HealthSystem. "You get to see a wide variety of disease."

A school that is affiliated with a top-ranked hospital may give students the chance not only to see patients with routine needs, but also those who need advanced care, says Mehta, who's also the founder of MedSchoolCoach, a company that helps prospective medical students get into school. Plus, students can see leaders in various areas of medicine — such as oncology, radiology or surgery – who may work at such hospitals.

U.S. News recently released its 2015-2016 Best Hospitals rankings, and many of the hospitals on the Honor Roll, a list of hospitals that rank highly in at least half a dozen specialties, are also affiliated with schools that rank highly for research or primary care in the 2016 Best Medical Schools rankings.

Below are the 15 hospitals on the Honor Roll, and the medical schools that are affiliated with each.

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