3D Systems says its Healthcare Technology Center will work closely with medical practitioners and manufacturers in the field of precision healthcare with the goal of delivering optimized workflows and improved patient outcomes. The new facility will play an integral role in the provision and advancement of 3D healthcare solutions, including 3D printed medical devices and implants, Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP®), and immersive surgical simulation.

The Healthcare Technology Center will feature manufacturing floors powered by 3D printing to produce known medical solutions and develop new ones. These floors will house a complete range of 3D Systems’ technology including Direct Metal Printing (DMP), Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), ColorJet Printing (CJP) and MultiJet Printing (MJP).

It has a simulation experience center in which visitors can demo the company’s Simbionix line of training simulators first-hand and showcases how 3D printed models can be combined with simulators to allow better understanding of human anatomy, provide a solid platform for device bench testing and enable repetitive practice on patient-specific anatomy without putting a patient at risk.

The new facility is ISO 13485 certified for healthcare solutions, and operates in accordance with the FDA and MDD regulations for applicable medical devices, ranging from low risk models (Class I) to instruments and implants (Class II) to highest risk devices (Class III)

“Our new Healthcare Technology Center answers the growing need of the medical community for innovative and adaptive tools designed to provide better insights, better processes and better outcomes,” said Kevin McAlea, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Healthcare, 3D Systems. “Our extensive and growing offering of precision healthcare and medical 3D printing solutions provide the means and skills for provide the means and skills for medical and dental professionals to overcome today’s challenges and advance the future of care.”