Nursing Simulation Lab Coordinators can use electronic charting system simulations to let students view patient data and then chart the skills they performed. However, until recently, the changing information from the scenario itself had to be manually entered by an instructor, or entered in advance on the static chart.

Now, with EHR Tutor’s Scenes feature, lab staff can add orders, lab results and other data sets to a patient to match the scenario as it unfolds.

"Unfolding scenarios in simulation is a hot topic, but there is no easy way to show unfolding patient data as a lab progresses,” says EHR Tutor Founder, Diane Yeager. “The manikins on the market respond to show signs of anaphylactic shock in response to an improper medication, but the chart showing the patient's information will not reflect the patient's distress. Where else do students find the proper information including updated orders and lab results if not in the chart? To have realistic simulation, we need the chart to reflect the changing scenario as well as the manikin and it needs to update in real time, not make believe time."

Using Scenes, an instructor can create multiple Scenes on a standard patient scenario within EHR Tutor's Patient Chart Library. Scenes can either correspond with a standard scenario as time progresses, or be used as responses to a student's actions during a simulation.